Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cautiously taps toe in water...

I'm listening to RR, episode 8, from nearly two years ago, and I have to say that I am not totally embarrassed by it. In fact, I kind of like it, even now, two years later. And I really miss producing the episodes, finding the music, and using audio, one of my favorite creative media. Sooo, over the next few weeks, I am going to reacquaint myself with the process, see what new music is out there, get set up with iTunes, etc., and aim to have a new episode out by March 17, 2010, exactly two years since Episode 8 was released.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Raqs Radio has ceased

Unfortunately our family circumstances no longer allow me to continue producing Raqs Radio. I hope someday to return to podcast production, but it will not be for another year or two.

Thank you for listening.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Episode 8 (finally!) -- Heat

56 minutes, 20 seconds (51.6 MB)
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What I forgot to say: Many of the song or album titles include references to 'hot stuff,' hence this episode got titled "Heat."

Featured music:
0:15- 2:58 : Preface by The Shanghai Restoration Project, from their album, Story of a City. (Forgot to mention the titles of the song and the album on the podcast; sorry!) Obtained from IODA Promonet.

4:10-8:08: Indian fever by David Starfire, from his album, Bombay Beatz. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

8:46-13:32: Raji Thandiro - Chakravaaham by Nirmala Rajasekar, from her album Song(s) of the Veena. Obtained from IODA Promonet. [Note - the image of the album art clearly shows the album title is Song of the Veena, but the metadata in all the mp3 files uses Songs of the Veena. Maybe only catalogers of library materials notice these kinds of things.]

13:57-19:39: Nazar es Sahara - Desert look by Arabesque, from their album Arabesque 2, Fire Dance. Obtained from IODA Promonet. [Hint if you're searching iTunes for this - search on "Arabesque 2"; there are lots of Arabesques, and this album doesn't seem to answer to a search just on "Arabesque."]

20:03-26:28: Love exotico by Harri Kakoulli, from his album Bliss like Gold. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

27:06-34:51: Love is very near by DEBE, from the album Soulsonic House 1. Obtained from IODA Promonet. [Note - supposedly this artist has a page at the High Rize Records site. However, every time I've clicked on the "Artists" link of that website, it has hitched up my browser and I've had to force quit. Don't even go there. ;-) ]

35:24-40:24: Gales of wind by the Yoshida Brothers, from their album Yoshida Brothers vol. 2. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

41:46-46:15: Diamodon by Issa Bagayogo, from his album Tassoumakan. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

46:48-51:07: Cler Achel by Tinariwen, from their album Aman Iman - Water is Life. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

53:09-56:20: Ha uma musica do povo by Mariza, from her album Transparente. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

Update, January 17, 2009:
Here's a map showing where some of the musicians on this episode are from. (And, Episode 9 coming soon!)

View Larger Map

Update 2 April 2008:
If you've never seen a performance of taqsim to a violin solo, here is a fine example by one of my favorite dancers, Aubre:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Episode 7 -- A World of Music

49 minutes, 54 seconds (45.6 MB)
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Featured music:

0:00-6:22 - Sohniye, by The Safri Boyz, from Tu Hoor Sohniye (48K); from IODA Promonet; also on iTunes

7:58-12:16 - The Reader of 360 Million Books, by Shams, from The Evolution of Creation; from the Podsafe Music Network; also on iTunes

14:15-17:23 - Sri Bubba, by The Clayfoot Strutters, from Going Elsewhere; used by permission of the artists; available on iTunes!

18:01-22:34 - Mais Filhos de Ghandi, by Ana Rita Simonka, from Bossa Nova Delhi; from IODA Promonet (you can find it on iTunes)

24:16-27:17 - The Beauty of Silence, by Svenson and Gielen, from The Beauty of Silence; from IODA Promonet ; also on iTunes

28:08-31:59 - Bhutto, by Muslimgauze; from IODA Promonet. Available on iTunes. [Note: Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the late 1980s! (not late 1990s as I said on the podcast) Duh!]

32:34-35:44 - The Boob Fairy, by Deirdre Flint, from The Shuffleboard Queens; from the Podsafe Music Network - available on iTunes

35:59-40:10 - Mastoom Mastoom, by Brothers of the Baladi, from Eye On the World; used by permission of the artists

40:29-44:57 - Mr. Mohammed, by Subtronix; from the Podsafe Music Network; available on iTunes

46:20-49:50 - Healing Earth, by Alice Gomez, from Sky Prayer; from IODA Promonet; available on iTunes

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Episode 6 -- Indigenous

43 minutes, 50 seconds (40.1 MB)
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Featured music:
(Links for music obtained from IODA Promonet at end of listing)
0:22-7:24 The Garden of Visions by David Antony Clark, from Shaman Dancing. Used by permission of the artist
8:21-13:30-The Grand Circle by Blue Tribe, from Deep Spirit 2. Obtained from IODA Promonet
15:14-20:31 Seven Gifts by Spirit Nation (featuring Tamara Podemski), from Winter Moons. Obtained from IODA Promonet
21:23-26:55 Wall of Drums by Brent Lewis, from The Primitive Truth. Used by permission of the artist
27:53-32:50 Ododaymiwan by Spirit Nation, from Winter Moons. Obtained from IODA Promonet.
38:50-end Spirit Stalking by David Antony Clark., from Shaman Dancing. Used by permission of the artist

Deep Spirit 2
"The Grand Circle"
from "Deep Spirit 2"
by Blue Tribe
Ultraviolet Productions

Winter Moons

"Seven Gifts"
from "Winter Moons"
by Spirit Nation
Ultraviolet Productions

Winter Moons

from "Winter Moons"
by Spirit Nation
Ultraviolet Productions

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Episode 5 -- Middle Eastern (really!)

42 minutes, 13 seconds (38.6 MB)
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Behind the voice track:
0:00-Vision by Angel Tears from the album Vision (Volume 4). Obtained from IODA Promonet. (Repeated almost three times)
Links for this and the other IODA Promonet music used in this episode are at the end of the show notes.

Other podcasts you might enjoy:
Sibaq al Aghani from Monte Carlo Doualiya - the top 15 of Arabic popular music
Electronic periodic
The Chill Factory

Here's a link to Fugu.com where you can find a great Introduction to Bellydance by Aubre.

Shira.net is also a good resource for bellydance information and includes a directory of bellydance instructors.

Dance-out music for this episode:

Warm-ups & Isolations:
14:09-Sun King by Blue Tribe (feat. rhythms from Hossam Ramzy), from their album Deep Egypt.
19:22-99 Names of the King by Shams, from his album The Evolution of Creation. Obtained from the Podsafe Music Network.

23:23-Atlas by Arabesque, from their album Belly Dance. Obtained from IODAPromonet.
28:47-A Rose Among Ruins, from The Afghan Music Project, from their self-titled album. Obtained from IODAPromonet.
33:42-Cairo by Nomad, from their album Cairo. Obtained from IODAPromonet.

38:22-The Mystic Surrenders by Shams, from his album The Evolution of Creation. Obtained from the Podsafe Music Network.

IODA Promos for their music used in this ep:

Vision (Volume 4)

Download "Vision" (mp3)
from "Vision (Volume 4)"
by Angel Tears
Lovecat Music

Deep Egypt

Download "Sun King" (mp3)
from "Deep Egypt"
by Blue Tribe
Ultraviolet Productions

Belly Dance

Download "Atlas" (mp3)
from "Belly Dance"
by Arabesque
Azul Music


Download "A Rose Among Ruins" (mp3)
from "AMP"
by The Afghan Music Project
Afghan Music Project


Download "Cairo" (mp3)
from "Cairo"
by Nomad
Azul Music

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Episode 4 -- Hope!

31 minutes (28.4 MB)
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Before I say anything else, I must apologize for referring to The Brothers of the Baladi as the Baladi Brothers on the voice track. I realized the error shortly after I recorded the voice track, but my hardware and software is such that correcting a recorded error is a difficult process.

This is the first soapbox episode, so it's mostly me talking. Behind the voice is
0:00 Cairo by Nomad; from their CD Cairo (obtained from iodapromonet)
4:36 Sun King by Blue Tribe; from their CD Deep Egypt (obtained from iodapromonet)
9:46 3 blue dogs by Kevin Christensen; from his CD portion of space (I learned of Kevin's music from the PMN and bought his CD. I used this track from the CD in the podcast, but it's also available on the Podsafe Music Network.
13:43 Circle by Solace; from their CD Ahsas
17:35 The Grand Circle by Blue Tribe; from their CD Deep Spirit 2 (obtained from iodapromonet)
22:37 Bombay Dream by jr (obtained from the Podsafe Music Network)
26:31 Hope by Alan Stivell; from his CD 1 Douar (1 Earth) Alan is from Brittany, and the lyrics are in Breton.