Sunday, June 10, 2007

Episode 7 -- A World of Music

49 minutes, 54 seconds (45.6 MB)
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Featured music:

0:00-6:22 - Sohniye, by The Safri Boyz, from Tu Hoor Sohniye (48K); from IODA Promonet; also on iTunes

7:58-12:16 - The Reader of 360 Million Books, by Shams, from The Evolution of Creation; from the Podsafe Music Network; also on iTunes

14:15-17:23 - Sri Bubba, by The Clayfoot Strutters, from Going Elsewhere; used by permission of the artists; available on iTunes!

18:01-22:34 - Mais Filhos de Ghandi, by Ana Rita Simonka, from Bossa Nova Delhi; from IODA Promonet (you can find it on iTunes)

24:16-27:17 - The Beauty of Silence, by Svenson and Gielen, from The Beauty of Silence; from IODA Promonet ; also on iTunes

28:08-31:59 - Bhutto, by Muslimgauze; from IODA Promonet. Available on iTunes. [Note: Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the late 1980s! (not late 1990s as I said on the podcast) Duh!]

32:34-35:44 - The Boob Fairy, by Deirdre Flint, from The Shuffleboard Queens; from the Podsafe Music Network - available on iTunes

35:59-40:10 - Mastoom Mastoom, by Brothers of the Baladi, from Eye On the World; used by permission of the artists

40:29-44:57 - Mr. Mohammed, by Subtronix; from the Podsafe Music Network; available on iTunes

46:20-49:50 - Healing Earth, by Alice Gomez, from Sky Prayer; from IODA Promonet; available on iTunes