Saturday, January 13, 2007

Episode 4 -- Hope!

31 minutes (28.4 MB)
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Before I say anything else, I must apologize for referring to The Brothers of the Baladi as the Baladi Brothers on the voice track. I realized the error shortly after I recorded the voice track, but my hardware and software is such that correcting a recorded error is a difficult process.

This is the first soapbox episode, so it's mostly me talking. Behind the voice is
0:00 Cairo by Nomad; from their CD Cairo (obtained from iodapromonet)
4:36 Sun King by Blue Tribe; from their CD Deep Egypt (obtained from iodapromonet)
9:46 3 blue dogs by Kevin Christensen; from his CD portion of space (I learned of Kevin's music from the PMN and bought his CD. I used this track from the CD in the podcast, but it's also available on the Podsafe Music Network.
13:43 Circle by Solace; from their CD Ahsas
17:35 The Grand Circle by Blue Tribe; from their CD Deep Spirit 2 (obtained from iodapromonet)
22:37 Bombay Dream by jr (obtained from the Podsafe Music Network)
26:31 Hope by Alan Stivell; from his CD 1 Douar (1 Earth) Alan is from Brittany, and the lyrics are in Breton.