Sunday, March 16, 2008

Episode 8 (finally!) -- Heat

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What I forgot to say: Many of the song or album titles include references to 'hot stuff,' hence this episode got titled "Heat."

Featured music:
0:15- 2:58 : Preface by The Shanghai Restoration Project, from their album, Story of a City. (Forgot to mention the titles of the song and the album on the podcast; sorry!) Obtained from IODA Promonet.

4:10-8:08: Indian fever by David Starfire, from his album, Bombay Beatz. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

8:46-13:32: Raji Thandiro - Chakravaaham by Nirmala Rajasekar, from her album Song(s) of the Veena. Obtained from IODA Promonet. [Note - the image of the album art clearly shows the album title is Song of the Veena, but the metadata in all the mp3 files uses Songs of the Veena. Maybe only catalogers of library materials notice these kinds of things.]

13:57-19:39: Nazar es Sahara - Desert look by Arabesque, from their album Arabesque 2, Fire Dance. Obtained from IODA Promonet. [Hint if you're searching iTunes for this - search on "Arabesque 2"; there are lots of Arabesques, and this album doesn't seem to answer to a search just on "Arabesque."]

20:03-26:28: Love exotico by Harri Kakoulli, from his album Bliss like Gold. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

27:06-34:51: Love is very near by DEBE, from the album Soulsonic House 1. Obtained from IODA Promonet. [Note - supposedly this artist has a page at the High Rize Records site. However, every time I've clicked on the "Artists" link of that website, it has hitched up my browser and I've had to force quit. Don't even go there. ;-) ]

35:24-40:24: Gales of wind by the Yoshida Brothers, from their album Yoshida Brothers vol. 2. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

41:46-46:15: Diamodon by Issa Bagayogo, from his album Tassoumakan. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

46:48-51:07: Cler Achel by Tinariwen, from their album Aman Iman - Water is Life. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

53:09-56:20: Ha uma musica do povo by Mariza, from her album Transparente. Obtained from IODA Promonet.

Update, January 17, 2009:
Here's a map showing where some of the musicians on this episode are from. (And, Episode 9 coming soon!)

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Update 2 April 2008:
If you've never seen a performance of taqsim to a violin solo, here is a fine example by one of my favorite dancers, Aubre: