Thursday, August 24, 2006

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Episode two - Shimmy Special

(This episode is just under 35 minutes long.)
Click here to listen.
Important note -- if you buy directly from the musicians, they get 100% of what you're paying for the music. Wherever possible, the Raqs Radio website links go direct to the musicians.

Playlist for this episode:

Background to introduction: "Advent" by Solace from their CD titled "The Kabila Project."
Solace's music can be purchased directly from them through the Eventide Music Productions website.

First "isolation" piece: "Mushroom Belly" by Kevin Christensen from his CD titled "Portion of space." Purchase Kevin's music directly from him at his MoonSounds website.

Second "isolation" piece: "Addicted to Oil" by Mr. Tunes. Purchase Mr. Tunes music through BroadJam.

Shimmy number one: "Mr. Mahalo Head" by Brent Lewis from his CD titled "The Primitive Truth." Purchase direct from Brent Lewis.

Shimmy number two: "Fingers" by Ruben van Rompaey from his CD titled Eastern Expressions 2. Ruben is part of Solace; his music is available through Eventide Music Productions.

Cool-down one: "Environ" by e-sin. Best I can do for helping you find this song online is linking to the Podsafe Music Network.

Cool-down two (meditation music): "The Sacred Garden" by Kparx. Again, a link to the Podsafe Music Network is the best I can do.

Sort of a side note: I am well aware that the voice track portions of Raqs Radio seem to have lots of static. As far as I can tell, there's a problem with the USB ports on my laptop. I hope to upgrade machines sometime in the next year; in the meantime, I'm not sure I can do a whole lot to correct the situation. I really don't like the sound of it and that is in part why it's taken so long to get this second episode produced. I appreciate your patience with this technical problem and I hope you can do your best to ignore it and enjoy the music (which, fortunately, does come through clear and crisp).

Also -- Raqs Radio has been submitted to iTunes. Soon you'll be able to subscribe through iTunes.

Thanks for listening!
Shimmies and sparkles,