Sunday, June 10, 2007

Episode 7 -- A World of Music

49 minutes, 54 seconds (45.6 MB)
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Featured music:

0:00-6:22 - Sohniye, by The Safri Boyz, from Tu Hoor Sohniye (48K); from IODA Promonet; also on iTunes

7:58-12:16 - The Reader of 360 Million Books, by Shams, from The Evolution of Creation; from the Podsafe Music Network; also on iTunes

14:15-17:23 - Sri Bubba, by The Clayfoot Strutters, from Going Elsewhere; used by permission of the artists; available on iTunes!

18:01-22:34 - Mais Filhos de Ghandi, by Ana Rita Simonka, from Bossa Nova Delhi; from IODA Promonet (you can find it on iTunes)

24:16-27:17 - The Beauty of Silence, by Svenson and Gielen, from The Beauty of Silence; from IODA Promonet ; also on iTunes

28:08-31:59 - Bhutto, by Muslimgauze; from IODA Promonet. Available on iTunes. [Note: Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the late 1980s! (not late 1990s as I said on the podcast) Duh!]

32:34-35:44 - The Boob Fairy, by Deirdre Flint, from The Shuffleboard Queens; from the Podsafe Music Network - available on iTunes

35:59-40:10 - Mastoom Mastoom, by Brothers of the Baladi, from Eye On the World; used by permission of the artists

40:29-44:57 - Mr. Mohammed, by Subtronix; from the Podsafe Music Network; available on iTunes

46:20-49:50 - Healing Earth, by Alice Gomez, from Sky Prayer; from IODA Promonet; available on iTunes


jon be me said...

You still there?
I have been listening to you feed for the past few weeks through my winamp player and just thought I'd let you know that, overall, I enjoy your Middle Eastern Music very much.
How come your blog doesnt have any updates since Episode 7?
Everything ok?

thanks for the music.
I play a djemba drum by the way but would love to learn to play those "little things"!

in Germany

Arabella said...

Thank you for the note, Jon!

Sorry I haven't been releasing new episodes lately. There are a combination of reasons, mostly revolving around a bum shoulder that makes bellydance a painful experience. So, I don't dance which means I don't listen to music much which means I don't search out new tunes, which means ... no recent RR episodes.

But the shoulder's starting to improve, and I'm getting more motivated to do bellydance things, including Raqs Radio. I've got the songs lined up for episode 8, I just need to find a few hours to put some serious thought into how best to bring them together, then do the actual recording and mixing.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Laina said...

WHAT HAPPENED TO ARABELLA? I MISS Raqs Radio! You're music is inspiring and I so look forward to your show!

Arabella said...

Sorry Sorry Sorry it has been so long. I do have the intention of doing another episode, and every week I think "This weekend I'll do another." Then the weekend's over and I haven't done one. My shoulder has gotten much better (though it's still not great) and I'm getting back into bellydance, so I really really will do another one soon, I promise.

Sorry sorry sorry....

Arabella said...

laina - I forgot to say THANK YOU for the comment! By all means THANK YOU!

Miss Rose said...

This is amazing! I randomly found this episode on my mp3 player...just out of NOWHERE! I don't remember ever dowloading it or hearing of the show until it just magically appeared on my player somehow...CREEPY!

Anyway, an awesome find it was! So I looked it up...and now I look forward to more!