Saturday, February 03, 2007

Episode 5 -- Middle Eastern (really!)

42 minutes, 13 seconds (38.6 MB)
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Behind the voice track:
0:00-Vision by Angel Tears from the album Vision (Volume 4). Obtained from IODA Promonet. (Repeated almost three times)
Links for this and the other IODA Promonet music used in this episode are at the end of the show notes.

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Here's a link to where you can find a great Introduction to Bellydance by Aubre. is also a good resource for bellydance information and includes a directory of bellydance instructors.

Dance-out music for this episode:

Warm-ups & Isolations:
14:09-Sun King by Blue Tribe (feat. rhythms from Hossam Ramzy), from their album Deep Egypt.
19:22-99 Names of the King by Shams, from his album The Evolution of Creation. Obtained from the Podsafe Music Network.

23:23-Atlas by Arabesque, from their album Belly Dance. Obtained from IODAPromonet.
28:47-A Rose Among Ruins, from The Afghan Music Project, from their self-titled album. Obtained from IODAPromonet.
33:42-Cairo by Nomad, from their album Cairo. Obtained from IODAPromonet.

38:22-The Mystic Surrenders by Shams, from his album The Evolution of Creation. Obtained from the Podsafe Music Network.

IODA Promos for their music used in this ep:

Vision (Volume 4)

Download "Vision" (mp3)
from "Vision (Volume 4)"
by Angel Tears
Lovecat Music

Deep Egypt

Download "Sun King" (mp3)
from "Deep Egypt"
by Blue Tribe
Ultraviolet Productions

Belly Dance

Download "Atlas" (mp3)
from "Belly Dance"
by Arabesque
Azul Music


Download "A Rose Among Ruins" (mp3)
from "AMP"
by The Afghan Music Project
Afghan Music Project


Download "Cairo" (mp3)
from "Cairo"
by Nomad
Azul Music


akamaro said...

Hey there!
I really enjoy your Podcast. I have been in the UAE 2 times and do bellydancing here in Germany. Thanks God, i have a new Ipod and can take your Podcast with me during long journeys by train.

Take care and keep it running, Maren from Bremen

Arabella said...

I'm really glad you like Raqs Radio, Maren -- thank you so much for the comment!

Azon said...

WOW!!Just listened for the first time!! My name is Marisa from CT! Beginner BDancer but I'm hooked!! HAHa...thank, I'll definately be listening( and dancing!)Good Work!

Marisa :)

Arabella said...

Thanks very much for listening and commenting, Marisa! Welcome, welcome!