Monday, June 12, 2006

First episode!

The first episode of Raqs Radio is now available.
To listen Click on this link.

The music, with links to the websites of the musicians:

The background music to my introductory remarks is:
"Wilderness Dance" by DJ Squirrel King.
(I chose it after I recorded the voice track, so I was unable to include it in the podcast.) Obtained from the podsafe music network (PMN)

Warm-up/isolation music:

"Shaman" by Colie Brice. From PMN

"Galatasaray" by The Maido Project. From PMN

Bellydance improv music:

"Raqs Leyla" by Brothers of the Baladi, from their CD titled "Presence of the Past." Used by permission of the musicians.

"Khatar" by Solace, from their CD titled "Ahsas." Used by permission of the musicians.

Cool down:

"Flight of the Diplasiocoela" by Bitstream Dream. From PMN

A note about subscribing -- the feed url is

It appears to function, but I am not going to submit it to iTunes until I have a good graphic -- should be in a few days. Meanwhile, you can use the feed link above to subscribe in iTunes by choosing the "Advanced" menu, then "Subscribe to podcast."

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